A Day on Lindisfarne

the bridge
Lindisfarne (Holy Island) is a tidal island and vehicles can only cross the causeway when the tide is open. Opening times vary significantly every day and you should familiarise yourself with the causeway opening times for the day of your visit! Unless you 'stop-over' (from when the causeway closes until it opens again) you could find yourself having to leave within 7 hours of getting here. Consequently, you may be forced to limit your 'day on Lindisfarne' to activities 'around the village'. If you need help in planning your visit - contact the 'Lindisfarne Centre'...
The 'refuge box' is for the safety of persons stranded by the tide. During Spring tides the sea can reach the top step!
Most day visitors arrive at the Main Car Park - it can become quite full. Allowance should be made for delays caused later in the day by other traffic leaving the island. Keep the daily parking ticket it will work in Berwick, Wooler and Seahouses. Other visitors come by coach or use the local bus service and even on foot. Public toilets are located at the separate coach park - you may find our village map useful. More comprehensive information is available at the 'Lindisfarne Centre'...
Ticket machines are owned by Berwick Borough Council
Cashless Ticket Machine
Around the village
A minibus operates around the village on a 'park-and-ride' basis and can be quite useful for those without the time or energy to enjoy the mile walk to the castle. Most visitors take advantage of the several delightful walks around the village enjoying the sea air and fabulous views. Some of the walks overlook the magnificent historic sites proving a 'taster' before paying for entrance. Information on the walks can be obtained at the 'Lindisfarne Centre'.
The Castle Shuttle minibus service is operated by an 'Islander'
The Castle Shuttle
The Lindisfarne Gospels
Painstakingly worked and lovingly crafted over 1300 years ago on Holy Island and written 'in honour of God and Cuthbert', the 'Lindisfarne Gospels' is probably the most valuable and treasured book of its period. It is held on behalf of the nation, on view, at 'The British Library' in London. An interactive, electronic 'turning-pages' version and latest leather-bound facsimile have been kindly donated to 'Community Trust' by the library for display on the island. Both can be seen in a lifelike and atmospheric scriptorium setting created in the annex at the 'Lindisfarne Centre'.
The Interactive Lindisfarne Gospels exhibition is at the Centre!
The Lindisfarne Centre
Window on Wild Lindisfarne
Come and take a look at these fantastic new buildings, which aim to highlight Wild Lindisfarne, the special natural environment on Lindisfarne, our proud lifeboat heritage and how the community and Natural England work together to conserve this special place. Entry to all three buildings is currently free and at the moment there are no fixed opening times - so if the doors are open come inside!
Wild Lindisfarne at the harbour
Window on Lindisfarne
- the harbour -
Wild Lindisfarne on the Heugh
Lookout on Lindisfarne
- the Heugh -
Wild Lindisfarne on the Heugh
Old Lifeboat House
- st.cuthbert's beach -
The Lindisfarne Centre
The 'Lindisfarne Centre' provides a focus for the visitor with up-to-date information on and about the Island on-tap from well-informed local staff. For a small entrance fee you can visit our compact exhibition museum. Interactives include: 'The Lindisfarne Gospels', 'The Scriptorium', 'The Community Speaks' and 'Island Overview'. Entry is through a modern, spacious, well-stocked shop where a wide range of quality items are on sale. Much of what is sold is not available elsewhere in the village - some is unique.
A Collage of Holy Island Village
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